Condo Approval works with your condominium homeowners association
to get FHA loan approval.

Condo Approvals, LLC, is the premier organization for orchestrating approvals of Condominium Homeowner’s Associations. With the rebirth of the FHA loan, it is mandatory that every homeowner's association become FHA approved. Condo Approvals, LLC, works with your homeowner’s association to complete the approval process.

The new HUD guidelines require re-approval of every association every two years. Most condo associations will lose their approved status by the end of 2011. We will work with you to update your status and keep you updated as the years go on. For those homeowners wishing to sell their homes in these tough times, HOA approval is a mandatory feature in assisting a buyer to qualify.

We’re here to work with you.

"Condo Approvals, LLC, is an independently owned and operated company. It is not an agency of the United States Government and is not directly contracted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development or any of its affiliates."